5 Extraordinary Benefits of Black Ginger

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Black ginger extract has been used for over a thousand years, and modern science has shown that this interesting ingredient is beneficial for many conditions. Keep reading to learn more about what black ginger is, how to use it in cooking, and how to use it as a supplement.

It usually grows in tropical Asia. In Thailand, black ginger is known as the Karachay Dam. Traditionally, black ginger is used as an energy booster and tonic. In Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, for its health benefits, people consume black ginger by making it in the form of tea. Black ginger is commonly used as a traditional medicine to increase energy and eliminate digestive problems

What Is Black Ginger?

Black Ginger

Thai Black Ginger, Thai Ginseng, Black Turmeric, Karachai Dom – This ingredient has multiple names that may be new to you. Traditional ginger is a popular food ingredient and supplement known for its aid in digestive health.

It has powerful nutritional components and health benefits as well. The botanical name for black ginger is Kaempferia parviflora, which is native to Thailand and a member of the ginger or ginger family.

The rhizome of Kaempferia parviflora has been used for over a thousand years in traditional Thai medicine. This amazing ingredient has been used for allergies, diarrhea, diabetes, allergies, impotence, and more.

Black Ginger Extract Uses

Although it may be uncommon to see it at your local coffee shop, the dried rhizome of the plant is traditionally crushed and placed in tea bags.

Fresh black ginger root has been used in wine brewing and is known to be an aphrodisiac. Compared to traditional ginger, black ginger is darker in color. The two gingers look alike on the outside, but the black type has a darker purple color on the inside.

It’s extract is found in powder form, in liquid form, and encapsulated. The powder form is present in the market as a food ingredient.

It’s extract powder refreshes the flavor of many dishes from curries to overnight oats to desserts. If the pungent and spicy taste of ginger does not appeal to you, you can take it in encapsulated or supplement form.

Black Ginger Supplement

Black ginger extract is more readily available as a dietary supplement versus a food ingredient. Supplement preparation includes pills made from black ginger extract powder with honey, medicinal liquor plus honey, mixed with other herbs, and in the form of capsules and Black Ginger Health Benefits 

It is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants like tannins, anthocyanins , and flavonoids. Here are five evidenced-based health benefits of black ginger extract.

  • Promotes Sexual Health
  • Increases Physical Performance 
  • Increases Energy Expenditure 
  • Anti Cancer 
  • Anti Microbial  and Anti Inflammatory

Promotes Sexual Health 

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In ancient Thai history, men with erectile dysfunction ate black ginger as a folk remedy for the problem. Historically, it has also been favored by women due to its purported use in increasing sexual desire.

The science behind using it in the bedroom is its inhibitory effect on Phosphodiesterase5(PDE5).

If you didn’t know, Viagra is a type of inhibitor that makes it possible to increase sexual performance in men. Hence, black ginger acts as a natural PDE inhibitor allowing it to live up to its reputation for promoting men’s sexual health. KPE boosts the production of nitric oxide which aids in penis erection by helping the muscles relax.

In a 2018 pilot study, ethanol extract of Kaempferia parviflora was given to 14 elderly men with erectile dysfunction for 30 days.

In a self-reported questionnaire, 13 men reported results that demonstrated statistical significance in improving erectile function and increasing sexual satisfaction. It can also be used to increase sperm density.

Increases Physical Performance 

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If you are an athlete or a fitness fanatic, this extract may be especially important for improving your ability to train. In a 2016 study of black ginger, Kaempferia parviflora extract (KPE) was administered orally to 15 male rats for one month.

Physical performance, muscle endurance, and grip strength were effectively increased in these mice. The study showed that KPE contains polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) that activate an important contributor to cell metabolism called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).

Some claim that AMPK enhances fat metabolism, muscle endurance, and physical performance. Additionally, in a 12-week randomized study of young athletes, KPE capsules were administered daily, demonstrating a significant improvement in right-hand grip strength compared to a placebo-controlled group.

Increases Energy Expenditure

Imagine burning more calories after taking a single serving of KPE. This is what happened in a 2015 study that concluded that KPE increases activation of brown adipose tissue.

Brown adipose tissue plays an important role in energy expenditure. These results are similar to those of a 2014 study of the effect of KPE on brown adipose tissue in mice. Such studies show the potential effect of black ginger on preventing weight gain.


Black ginger extract may be a natural way to fight cancer, although more studies are needed. Ovarian cancer cells treated with KPE in a 2018 study showed that cell proliferation and cell migration were effectively suppressed.

KPE It causes cell death. In a 2017 study, KPE was found to significantly inhibit cell migration of cervical cancer cells.

Anti-Microbial and Anti-Inflammatory 

Acne vulgaris affects many people today all over the world. Bacteria are the cause of acne, which includes strains such as Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus. In one study, different concentrations of KPE were tested on these proinflammatory bacteria.

Higher concentration KPE is associated with lower viability of both bacterial strains. This was related to reducing bacteria and the inflammation they cause.

Bottom Line

It’s extract may be a healthy alternative to some traditional medicines that may have side effects. It is available in several forms. It can be added to both sweet and savory dishes or taken as a dietary supplement.

Please be sure to consult a dietitian or physician before trying any new supplement.

Laboratory and animal studies have shown that black ginger is useful in treating allergic diseases, being a metabolic stimulant and an anti-diabetic. Human trials have shown that this type of ginger has the ability to improve peripheral circulation, strengthen blood vessels, and relieve symptoms of edema.

If you are allergic to traditional ginger, it may be best to avoid black ginger as well.

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