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If there was ever a blade to shed more thought, search and coin, it’s a chef’s knife. Other kitchen knives should be considered, including kitchen knives, paring knives, and bread knives, but you probably wouldn’t use any with half the frequency of chef’s knives.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of having high-performance chef knives for home cooking at any level. You’ll also be surprised how often this essential piece of kitchen equipment gets overlooked, even by people who are serious about honing their skills.

Upgrading to a quality chef’s knife will not only do miracles to your execution in the kitchen, but it’s a safety issue as well. You might think that very sharp chef knives would be more dangerous, but it’s actually old, boring knives that slip out of vegan leather rather than making you more susceptible to injury. (You have to be absolutely careful with your sharp knife, of course.)

The best chef knives for you and your work in the kitchen depends on several factors. (Spoiler alert: It’s not necessarily the most expensive, so don’t think you need to spend hundreds to get a perfect blade match.) Knives come in different styles—particularly Japanese and German—weights, lengths, and handling materials. Since you’ll be using it more than any other blade in your arsenal, chef knives should be comfortable, easy to use, strong and sharp.

What’s the best size for a chef’s knife?

Most chef knives have an 8- or 9-inch blade and this is a very safe bet if you’re not sure. Depending on your skill level and the size of your hand, you may need a slightly longer or shorter knife blade. There are chef knives that are up to six inches long but you probably don’t want them to be shorter than seven inches. You can also find blades that are 10 or 11 inches long, but they will be a little more difficult to control and generally not recommended for the average home chef.

What’s the best material for a chef’s knife?

You can find chef’s knives blades in alternative materials including ceramic but some components of steel are the material of choice for 99.9% of knife makers worldwide. For the purposes of this list, we are only testing steel blades of which there are many different grades. In general, a softer steel blade will be easy to sharpen but may not last long. For an amateur home cook, the difference in durability is minimal and the ability to sharpen should take priority.

The configuration of the knife handle is perhaps the most important decision at hand. Chef’s knife handles are made from a wide variety of materials including wood, bone, carbon fiber, steel and many more. Wood and some types of polycarbonate blends may be slightly softer. There are also contoured, ergonomic handles, while some – Japanese knives – have a more linear design.

How heavy should a chef’s knife be?

This really depends on personal preference, level of experience, and what you intend to do with chef knives. In general, Japanese style chef knives are lighter in weight and therefore better suited for very fine slicing, mincing, dicing and the occasional chiffoned. German style chef knives are usually thicker and heavier and may be a better choice if you are doing more basic slicing and slicing or slicing chicken on the bones and the like.

So without further ado let’s review the best selling chef knives in 2021

#10 Utopia Kitchen Chef Knife 8 Inches Cooking Knife Carbon Stainless Steel

The 8 Inches Classic Stainless Steel Chef Knives are your ticket to cooking with ease. It comes with a safe, durable and high-quality blade that doesn’t dull quickly. It allows for accuracy while segmenting and trimming large cuts of meat, and even larger items like melons, squashes or pineapples.

For food preparation at home or in a commercial restaurant kitchen, these 8 Inches Stainless Steel Chef’s Knives cuts through legumes, fruits, meat, bread, and baked goods without unnecessary hacking and sawing. Easy-to-use and durable, these Stainless Steel Chef Knives are tarnish-free and rust-resistant and will stay sharp even after several uses. A perfect multipurpose kitchen tool for any home cook or professional chef!

These 100% stainless steel chef knives are tough and can be utilized for a number of varying tasks. This type of chef knives will maintain its functionality and sharpness for a long time. You will have no regret in testing the durability of this knife during tough and challenging tasks.

“Amazed that this knife is so good, considering how inexpensive it is! Far exceeded my expectations! I wondered if it wouldn’t take an edge, as some cheap knives in the past have done. I sharpened it about 20x on each side with a sharpening steel, and it slid right through plastic packaging, meat, veg and everything with ease. Balanced, allows for “proper” holding, and rocks through mincing garlic or chopping onions the way you’d expect to find only in a much more expensive knife. Highly recommend!” says one very satisfied customer. Other customers describe these chef knives as “sharp,” “lightweight,” and even “perfect.”

“I like it, its not that sharp but if you’re used to dull chef knives like me then it’s pretty good! I got it so I can learn to sharpen a knife with a whetstone, since it’s not super strong metal it’s great cause I sharpen regularly and see how I’ve improved 🙂
Very good for its price would recommend for someone just starting to cook or sharpen so they can get used to doing their thing without fear of ruining a super expensive knife.” says another reviewer.

#9 Victorinox 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife
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Product description

Preferred by both home chefs and culinary professionals, the 6″ Fibrox Pro Chef Knives can handle nearly every kitchen task imaginable. Crafted with a comfortable handle, superior weight and balance, and a razor sharp edge that rarely requires re-sharpening, these chef knives are an essential tool for every kitchen.


  • High-quality, lightweight European steel.
  • Handle design reduces hand and wrist fatigue.
  • Fit for dicing, mincing, chopping, slicing, and shredding.
  • Long, sloping curved blade that “rocks” for effortless mincing and chopping.
  • Flat spine for extra power to slice through hard-skinned items.
  • Non-slip patented Fibrox Pro handle for a secure and comfortable grip no matter the hand size.
  • National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) approved and dishwasher safe.

Be good to your chef knives and they’ll be good to you. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you get the longest life out of your knife!

Victorinox Swiss Army recommends washing all chef knives by hand. For best results, hand wash your knives with a soapy cloth and dry immediately.
While Fibrox Pro chef knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing as dishwashers are designed to spray water at a relatively high pressure, which can jostle the silverware and cause the knives to collide, dulling the edge.

For optimum performance, chef knives should be honed after every couple of uses. Proper and frequent use of a honing steel will keep your chef’s knives sharper and performing at their best.

In 1937 Victorinox began selling cutlery in America through a Connecticut distributor called R.H. Forschner & Co. A well-known manufacturer of butcher scales, Forschner soon became the exclusive U.S. distributor for Victorinox knives, and was the name by which Victorinox knives were known. “These are VERY sharp” writes one reviewer. Another one says “This is a great gripping/feeling knife, that works out-of-the-box, with a super sharp edge.”

#8 Mercer Culinary Ultimate White, 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

  • Razor sharp, high carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel
  • Hollow ground edge for easy edge maintenance and rapid sharpening
  • Ergonomic polypropylene handle with textured finger points for better grip, slip-resistance, and safety
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care

“Over all this knife is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to just buy a sharp knife for cheap so they don’t have to sharpen their old one(s) and want something better then what you can get at a supermarket. If you plan on sharpening your chef knives, a lot of steel was removed in my initial whetstone work. I have a feeling it will need sharpening several times a year as the edge retention isn’t so great. That’s why I suggest a steel rod over diamond or ceramic for daily honing. Save that steel!” starts one four-star reviewer, who appreciates that this chef’s knife.

“These chef knives are sharp and perfect for everyday use. Because of its price, I don’t have to be super careful unlike expensive Japanese knives such as Shun or Miyabi. When cutting up a whole chicken, I use this Mercer knife rather than a Shun or Miyabi and it is super sharp and does a great job.”says another reviewer.

“These chef knives are Very sharp, and very consistent too. Handle is plastic and what can I say? It cuts stuff really nice and easily. Huge upgrade from my decades old knife. Now just need a good chopping board”

#7 Authentic XYJ Full Tang 6.7 Inch Forging Serbian Chef Knife Kitchen Knife With Leather Sleeves

These professional chef knives can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of slicing, dicing and mincing by cutting vegetables and meat.

And it’s made of manganese steel, the handle and the blade are integrated without soldering, which is firm and durable to eliminate broken handle.

These chef knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives made with mechanical ways, the service life of such knives is longer.

Ergonomic Full Tang handle can prevent the blade comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. The kitchen cleaver butcher knife is a great beauty, impeccable performance this strong design with a good strength, durability.


Please don’t put in dishwasher.

Please keep it away from children.

The butcher knife is made of manganese steel, easy to rust.

Please don’t keep the edge and point of knife aim to people.

Please don’t catch the knife by hand when the knife drop down.

Acidic or alkaline substances cannot stay on the blade for a long period.

Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it to the dry place.

“This thing surpassed

my expectations immensely. It is nice and heavy beautiful steel with a real thick leather sheath. Be careful, this thing is so sharp it’s amazing. I bought it for Father’s day and he loves it!” says one satisfied reviewer.

“Came out of the box SUPER sharp! Its a little heavy, but that helps when cutting anything… The weight just lets the blade fall through what ever you’re cutting! 100% would recommend to anyone I know, and i have recommended a few people already”

#6 PAUDIN N1 8 inch Kitchen Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Knife

The Paudin company, established in 2017, is a high-growth, global, and innovative home-life brand. Our company was founded on the belief that chef knives are heroes that accompanies us in significant life events: whether it is a celebration of a family member birthday or a lively housewarming party, we maintain a clear commitment to making products that our customers trust for life’s most important moments.

One reviewer talks about these chef knives saying “Let’s be very clear, I paid for this knife. No freebie here to solicit a good review. I’ve
been using this knife several weeks now and REALLY LIKE it—the sleek look of the handle, the overall look of the blade, the balance when handling, and it’s sharpness. Yes, you expect a knife to be sharp but I’ve been using a well-loved knife set that requires me to sharpen them often—so I enjoy not having to do it with this one. Simple pleasures. No complaints here, although I wish it came with a protective sheath.”

An impressed reviewer says “Of course we have gone through a number of chef knives over the years and end up unable to even sharpen them back into use. I have never purchased a brand new knife that was THIS SHARP before! Time will tell if the edge holds but so far I am extremely pleased. It is very classy looking and makes me want to take extra care of it in special storage so the kids don’t bang it up. We cut some onions today getting ready for thanksgiving holiday and I was amazed at how I could shave thin slices of the onion :0”

#5 enowo Chef Knife Ultra Sharp Kitchen Knife Set 3 PCS,Premium German Stainless Steel Knife

About Enowo

Enowo is a professional kitchen knife brand locating in Yangjiang, the hometown of China’s kitchen knives.With over 20 years of professional knowledge

and enthusiasm, the Enowo brand has been committed to the design and manufacture of high-end stainless steel cooking knives.We place an emphasis

on quality craftsmanship, aesthetics and service. All crafted chef knives are fascinated by professionals including chefs, culinary experts, food caterers as

well as ordinary person,our aim is to enhance the experience of your culinary creation and level up your life quality.


  • Do not cut bones or hard food (bones, dried food, frozen food, shelled nut etc.)
  • Cutlery should never be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Do not touch corrosive, hydrochloric acid kind materials, do not soak or clean with saline water. After each use of the knife, please clean it with water, wipe dry and place in dry and ventilated place.
  • To ensure a better performance, please select different types of knives for cutting different food.

Someone calls this knife “perfect for cutting meat” Another one says “great quality” according to another reviewer “Sharp, I don’t want to have to sharpen them more than once every few months, got some very expensive ones that have to be sharpened almost weekly.”

Another reviewer says “I spend a lot of time cooking for my family and do lots of cutting and chopping. Having a good set of kitchen knives is really very important to me and this 3 piece set really helps me get the job done quicker and more effectively!”

#4 MOSFiATA 8″ Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife with Finger Guard and Knife Sharpener, German High Carbon Stainless Steel

Why Choose The MOSFiATA 8-inch Chef Knives?

MOSFiATA chef knives are made of high-quality German stainless steel, which resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. The razor-sharp edge is easy to maintain and makes cutting and chopping a breeze.

Inside the Gift Box, you get not only a professional chef knife, but also a finger protector, blade guard and knife sharpener. It will help you with all your kitchen tasks and alleviate all your concerns.

1: Rust-resistant, 2.5mm stainless steel blade

2: Nonstick blade coating that keeps food from sticking to the knife while cutting

3: Sturdy, TPR-coated polypropylene handle with for comfortable cutting

4: Ultra sharp, curved edge for easy slicing, mincing & dicing

5: Multi-functional design for cutting anything & everything in the kitchen, from meat to tough vegetables

6: Top-rack dishwasher safe – no rust, stains or corrosion

The handle is made from Santoprene for comfort and polypropylene for durability. It features textured finger points that provide slip resistance and a better grip. Each handle is engineered to gently widen where it meets the blade to help protect fingers.

A lot of reviews discribe this knife as “Very light” and “really comfortable to hold.” and some even discribe it as ” razor sharp”

One reviewer even says “I actually a pretty impressed by this knife for it’s price to value. Sure it isn’t a $200 or $2k knife but comes in a decent package, sharp on arrival with finger guard and sharpener. So far no issues, works great for me.”

#3 imarku Chef Knife – Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef’s Knives High Carbon German Stainless Steel

The imarku 8-inch gyutou knife is designed for professionals who include chefs,culinary experts, food caterers as well as an ordinary person.

It is a multipurpose knife that is ideal for various tasks which include cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other products.

It is also ideal for removing flesh from bones as well as pounding /smashing garlic. The knife is crafted using German engineering and features a toughened stainless steel blade that measures 8-inches.

This 2.3 mm thick blade consists of approximately 0.6%-0.75% carbon for added strength and durability. The length of the handle is 5 inches giving the knife an overall length of 13 inches.

To ensure the knife won’t rust/corrosion, the steel blade also consists of 16-18% chrome material.

“This knife is great. It looks beautiful and I can 100% confirm is hella sharp. I was able to test this theory in less than 10 minutes by almost slicing half of my finger off while cutting an onion. This knife went through the layers of that onion as fast as college withered my soul back in 2012. I would definitely recommend this knife to anyone who has any basic skill with knives;

BUT if you’re the kind of person whose mother preferred to clean the chinaware all by herself before letting you hold one of her plates, you may be MY kind of person and you should get one of those gloves that protect fingers and stuff before using this obviously quality made blade.” says one exited reviewer

“The packaging was indicative of quality. The product has a professional look and feel to it. The weight of the knife was adequate and it was “sharp” right out of the box. Replay nice chef knife for the price !!”

Customer image

#2 Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch Chef’s

As we mintioned before these chef knives are Preferred by both home chefs and culinary professionals, the 8″ Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife can handle nearly every kitchen task imaginable. Crafted with a comfortable handle, superior weight and balance, and a razor sharp edge that rarely requires re-sharpening, this knife is an essential tool for every kitchen.

But let’s take the reviewers side of view “This is indeed a SHARP knife. I wanted to try it out as soon as I got it so I was prewashing it in the sink and sliced my finger nicely – so be aware that this is “well-sharpened” upon arrival. If the handle wasn’t so cheap and cheesy, I would give this 5 stars.

As it stands, the quality of the handle is not the same high quality as a knife which cut everything as if it was butter. The price of the knife is not that high either so maybe the company felt it could cut corners in the handle and put the production money in the knife instead.” says one satisfied customer.

“I had bought a Fibrox 6 inch to use as a smaller chef’s knife and it was so good, I decided to buy an 8 inch when it came on sale. These are by far the best value priced knifes which are very high quality. They cannot compete with some of those $300 knifes, but at 1/10 the price, you don’t have to baby these.”

#1 Chef Knife Professional 8-Inch Kitchen Knife German X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel

“This knife is wonderful! It’s not heavy, super sturdy and cuts through everything!! I’ve used it on tomatoes, potatoes, beef – cuts through everything so easily. Bonus that it comes with a knife sharpener. Great value for the price.”

Another reviewer says “The handle is really pretty and well made. The most important is the knife is really sharp!! Super sharp! I use it to cut a carrot and pumpkin without trying hard. Very recommend this knife to everyone. Good quality!”

One reviewer even swears that his “veggies even tasted better!!!” using this knife.

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